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Pave the way to operational excellence


All scheduling data are organized in one place and represented in a consistent format.


Instantly check for scheduling errors. Easily access historical data and generate reports.


Get real-time updates and notifications when handling change requests and open shift bidding.

Feature Highlights

Master Schedule

View nurses' self-schedule results, balance resources based on projected census, add hospital events such as orientation, and get real-time warnings on excessive overtime and consecutive shifts.

Daily Schedule

Get a detailed view of the nursing resource allocation of each department and each type of shift, manage flex-on/on-call shifts, and update nurses' attendance (sick, absent, etc.).

Patient Census

Spot overstaffing or understaffing at a glance. Automatically calculate nursing resource demand based on the latest patient census and the staffing matrix configured per department.

Staff Management

Add or remove nursing resources - within the same department or between different departments - per the latest census. Get real-time warnings on potential excessive workload such as overtime.

Open Shift Bidding

Post open shifts to fill vacancies in a timely manner. Automatically notify staff who are eligible to bid. Support either first-come, first-served bidding, or manual selection of bidders.

Request Management

Review and process schedule-related requests (swap, day-off, class, etc.). Get real-time notifications when requests are submitted. Nurses are also notified instantly when their requests are approved/rejected.

Report & Data Archive

Send routine reports to management. Schedule-related data are automatically archived - from the entire schedule to changes made to individual shifts - and easily accessible.

Master schedule Daily schedule Patient census Staff Management Open Shift Bidding Request Management Report & archive

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