One-stop solution for hospitals and nurses

The next-generation scheduling platform

NurseBrite transforms the way you build schedules and manage day-to-day changes.

How NurseBrite Works

For Hospitals

No installation or deployment. Just sign in from the browser and get started right away.

Managing schedule using our web app that can be configured to your specific needs.

Our professional team provides tech support to your scheduling and operational personnel.

For Nurses

You are automatically enrolled with us if your hospital is already using NurseBrite.

Get started by installing our mobile app. Supports both iPhone and Android phones.

Self-schedule, request changes, bid for open shifts - quickly done with just a few taps.

Hospitals use NurseBrite for

Single source of truth

Consolidating schedule-related information from all units, centralizing them in one place.

Operational efficiency

Optimizing resource allocation, factoring in census, attendance, and other scheduling data.

Streamlined process

Facilitating better collaboration between nurses, management, and nursing operation.

Productivity and traceability

Getting real-time updates and notifications. And easily searching through historical records.

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Nurses use NurseBrite for

Convenient access

Accessing shifts, requests, and other schedule information on your phone anytime, anywhere.

Efficient planning

Checking colleagues scheduled on a specific date before inputting shifts or requesting swaps.

Up-to-date information

Staying informed via notifications regarding your requests and reminders for upcoming shifts.

Work-life balance

Planning ahead, keeping things organized, and ultimately achieving better work-life balance.

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